Vault.investments is clone of Midas.Investments created from the same team who is behind the PAWS.FUND charity scam and are connected to at least 10 more crypto project scams



The average investor of Vault CRYO project have lost 0.30BTC due to promoted as legit exit scam and other fraud projects (WATCHDOG/TPC/FXN)



The same team founds both projects. Since they failed with the project development and the roadmap, they come with the idea to use the PAWS community to invest in their new project!

what is Vault Investment

Vault Masternode Project

Vault Project is advertised as legit; next generation masternode crypto project for investors looking for safer projects to invest.

The Vault Mission

According to Vault Investments whitepaper, their mission is supposed to help new projects and companies to launch their project, and safety for the presale investors.

Money making machine

Vault team is getting 15% of the presale "profit" + 4 masternodes from every CRYO project in return of buggy PIVX fork and "free" hosting on low-cost servers.

Pool rewards

Users have report multiple times that the Vault.Investments Instant Masternode pool is distributing on average 15% less rewards to its users.

about us


The Vault Scam website is created from the crypto community for the crypto community. We are exposing scams and frauds in order to protect YOU, the one who is looking to invest his hard earned real money in crypto projects! And of course those who want to launch their blockchain projects under the Vault CRYO program!

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The list of CRYO scam projects

Find the list of CRYO fraud presale projects

The Vault Investment have successfully promoted the following scams

Watchdog - The Watchdog masternode project was influenced by Ian (CEO of VAULT) as the better alternative to MasterNodes.online. The WatchDog CEO is Roger, who was previously one of the Addnode (exit scam) founders and close friend to Ian.

FXN - Another "legit" and "verified" by the Vault team project. Ian again influenced that project which ended as an exit scam. The team of that project is/was faceless (two persons: from Pakistan and Bangladesh (we know only their regions). One of the two founders just disappeared a week after the presale. FXN founder left the boat with over 15.000$ in cash and various crypto.

TPC - Trading Pool Coin with founder a faceless individual with discord user "Sammy". With over 4BTC+ from presale and another 5BTC+ in the trading pool. Sammy disappeared right after claiming that all Bitcoin was stolen! Ian is defending him.

PAWS Funds - PAWS foundation "is" pets charity project which was supposed to unite pets lovers and to provide a real-life use case. Included but not limited to: Direct donation to worldwide animal charities, blockchain tracking system - pets passports, partnerships with various pet shops, suppliers and more. Paws Genesis block was generated on Oct 24 2018, two years later, the PAWS Fund has zero partnerships, contracts and use case. The PAWS/VAULT team was operating multiple bots in the exchanges and was also manipulating the coin price (Pump & Dump). Founders are connected with 5+ previous scams! Used the PAWS community and animals supporters to promote the NEW project Vault as an sister PAWS project which was supposed to support financially the PAWS.FUND

About the Vault Pool

How is working and how investors are paying for the "FREE" hosting

What is Shared Masternode Pool?

In a Shared Pool, investors are not assigned to any specific masternode; they don't own that masternode. Once depositing the coins in the pool, the investor is receiving rewards which are equal to the % of the collocation that they hold (If the required coins for MN are 1000 and the user hold 1000coins he will be receiving 100% of the rewards which he would be receiving otherwise with self-hosted MN)

Why you should avoid holding your coins in the Vault Shared Masternode Pool? Apart of the security reasons, Vault is using stone-age (cheap) servers that have as result weekly masternode crashes.

You will be receiving in average 10% to 20% less rewards (especially for the "free hosted" projects). Since Vault team control all the Masternodes and the rewards is up to them to distribute 100% of the rewards which never happens. Basically they are stealing from the pool members!

You will be instantly banned from Vault discord if you come with proofs that your your self hosted masternode is receiving 20% more rewards than the same amount of shares in the pool!


How vault.investments make money?

They have 3 different money flow sources.

1) Presales / Influencing

Vault Investments is charging 15% and 4 masternodes from every project presale.

Marketing / Influencing

They are influencing any project regardless of its legitimate status and of course are charging for it.

Masternode Shared Hosting

They are listing and providing instant masternode hosting for various projects, much like midas.investments but with -10% (up to -20%) less rewards. You can guess where the rest coins are going!

Welcome to..

Vault.investments scam masternode game!


Great idea!

Raised like a phoenix from its PAWS FUNDS charity scam project. Manipulated the PAWS community that the new project will "help" the charity mission of PAWS.


Unique Features

Advertised as the only masternode platform that care for the masternode investors. No project can launch within the CRYO program if is not verified first. Funny fact: Vault Team doesn't have KYC certified department nor is using any 3rd party for KYC verification which is also against the European LAWS.


Social Engagement

Close to none. Funny twitter activity with 70% of the twits related to their primary "legit" animals charity projects. Because, who doesn't like cute cat photos? With total amount of 338 followers. Their primary activity goes inside their Discord. If happens to not agree with them you will be banned instantly, no question asked!


Safe & Transparent

As you should already know, there is no such thing. Funny fact, Vault Investments developer is only good on forking (cloning) the pretty outdated PIVX v2 which comes with bags of bugs which are never getting solved. All legit projects have moved to Pivx v3. All wallets hosted on the VAULT platform are crashing in weekly basis due to cheap hardware , bad blockchain configurations etc. Funny fact: Vault blockchain had stuck for 2 weeks!

Vault project Senior Management

Meet Vault Masternode project Team

Ian Cubitt

Ian Cubitt

Co-founder, ceo
Jules Duboi

Jules Dubois

Co-Founder, CTO

Jelle Borsje



Faceless Chicken - Co-Founder, CIO

Frequently Asked Questions

What is scam? In nutshell scam is a confidence game or other fraudulent scheme, the Fraulders are using victims trust in order to make quick profit. Fraulders are know of registering companies in offshore location or such with minimum to non law obligations, low taxes and high privacy. In our case we have PAWS Funds which is registered in Florida USA which is known as USA tax paradise and crypto friendly state. Lot of crypto projects are registered in Florida for a reason.

How legit is the Vault coin market?

Once Vault coin entered the market, the price per coin was around the mark of $2.00, with a rapid decline to 0.80 and stayed on that level for a long, long time. In the first days of February 2020, the Vault team pumped the Vault price from 0.80 to 17.00$ once the party was over the vault coin price returned to its good old 0.80c range

Was it possible to withdraw coins from Vault platform and sell during the fake pump?

Here's Where the Fun Begins! During the fake price pump lot of vault whales (big holders) had report that their withdraw requests was blocked for over 72h. Only users who was withdrawing funny amounts like 5-10 Vault coins had the "instant" withdraw available.

This way, Vault Team had secured their sell priority. Conclusion: Vault Investments not only track its users withdraw activity it also control the withdraw requests.

Where I can see the Vault Coin historical data?

You can see the vault coin price history from here https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/vault

Is Vault Project listed in multi exchanges?

As you should be expecting, Vault coin is listed only on Crex. Historically, 9 out of 10 scam projects are paying listing only in one exchange. As a rule of ,you should stay away from crypto projects that are listed in one exchange.

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